ruke gure

Ruke gure

Ruke Gure is a Gospel singer and song writer based in Nigeria. She remembers singing from the tender age of four, but began singing professionally about a decade ago. Ruke believes that music is a form of expression that should be uninhibited, which reflects in her strong passion for music.

With her unique sound she has captured the very essence of true worship as she faithfully serves in her home church, Gospel Pillars Ministry where she continues to lead thousands in worship.

Ruke released her debut single, “Before Before” in May 2020, a song which she describes as ‘a reflection of my past and gratitude for my present’. The song is a journey from darkness into light, and continues to be a blessing to many around the world.



In October 2020, she released her debut album “Melodies of Love” 

With soothing songs like ‘Prince of Peace’ to afro pop songs like ‘Without You’ and the ‘Revival’, her song are geared towards drawing the soul into a deeper level of intimacy with God the Father.

The eight track album is set to revolutionize Gospel sound around the world.

in 2021 she released another single  titled “shine to the world”

Shine to the World is an inspirational song that calls forth the light in you.

The world is waiting to see the manifestation of God’s glory in you so give them a SHOW!!

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Ruke Gure


Bringing The Nations to the Lord through Life Giving Melodies

Ruke Gure

Mission Statement

Marching on with Glorious Heavenly Sounds

Ruke Gure

Core Values

Nothing of Ourselves Brokenness before the Lord

My Commitment

Spreading the Gospel through my God given talent in blessing the church and turning the lost to Christ

Ruke Gure

My Belief

Jesus is my Lord, born of a virgin, died for my sins, rose again for my Justification…
He is coming back to those that stay true to the faith.
Heaven and Hell is real!

Ruke Gure